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I see all other forums but your's it's single, usable, beauty and honestly it's the first works i see with this type of minimalist things, but sees good and fully responsive i don't try this because don't have a way to do it, i have to do something like that because actually some users, or many, use mobile, so, i have to work on that as soon as i can and this is really an option to show users how one forum can be works with xD.

Thanks in advice leefish i have to see that forums with more time, but anyway i see that sites and do not have the same xD.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

Its hard to tell when a forum is using MyBB these days, the customizations etc are so neat and stuff, I like the new design. :3
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Thanks Dark Neo. Leefish is responsive - but it isn't really a mobile solution. A mobile variant really needs a LOT less javascript (and to be even more plain css than leefish is already) than a standard desktop install.

I am using an Android S4 to test - and it is far from fast. It does look nice when it finally loads though.
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Congrats. Responsive theme is no easy feat and it's nice to see someone accomplish it.

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