Censor/Hide a Post
I'm looking for someone to make - either for free or paid (possibly) - or show me how to make a mod that covers, hides or 'censors' a member's post if they mark it as needing censoring. Clicking on a 'show post' button would reveal the post's content. It would be used to hide NSFW or triggering content from users that would prefer to browse without reading such things or might be browsing at work, around family, etc, etc.

I've created fake screenshots to try and explain a bit better what I'm looking for;

Selecting censors;

A hidden post;

Posts would need to appear censored in all search results - though there doesn't have to be the 'show post' button there - because otherwise it'd entirely defeat the purpose as soon as you search for something. If it could work on a mobile theme/device as well, that'd be great (because otherwise I'd need to disable my mobile plugin) - though, theorically, you wouldn't need to change anything, I could just apply cosmetic changes.

Ideally, the option to choose a censor would be on the new topic, full reply and quick reply areas. It would also be really nice if there could be an 'other' option that let the author enter in their own value. (The last selection in the first 'screenshot'.) That being said, I understand that'd be more difficult to make, so it's not completely necessary, but I'd certainly very much appreciate it. Big Grin

I don't need a ACP tie-in, though it would be nice if I could add new options by editing the coding without too much hassle. I also don't need a global 'opt in' or 'opt out' feature for letting people ignore or disable censors entirely. It would be great if the page didn't have to reload to show the post - that way, if there are multiple censored posts one right after another, you wouldn't have to reload the page a couple of times before reading.

I am aware I could do something similar using spoiler tags, or something to that effect, but I would prefer not to - especially if, for example, (my site being a writer's forum) someone is posting a thread asking for help on say - a very violent scene - and would be using spoiler tags to hide the writing previews they're posting. It becomes difficult to first spoiler every chunk of writing, and then every time the author goes over alternatives, or brings up scenes or generally discusses topics that needs to be censored. Especially if the writing is inline with parts you want to censor - I don't think you can nest spoilers. As well, I feel people might have issues choosing what to censor and what not if they have to choose just parts of their text to hide, not all of it.

On the subject of payment - I might be able to pay someone, but I only have $10-$15 I can spend, and I don't know the running price for custom mods. If someone can do it for that amount, that'd be great!
http://mods.mybb.com/view/spoiler <<< spoiler

or use the http://community.mybb.com/thread-144715.html << hide until reply plug-in
Thank you, but I did explain (in what I hoped was a detailed manner) why I did not think using spoilers would work.

Secondly, hide until reply doesn't do much for the original intention, since the content becomes visible once you post something. I don't want content to become permanently available, or not available to guests or lurkers either.

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