Not Solved ** ACP plugins help: forum/inc/languages//config_sceditor.lang.php does not exist
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Today my host helped me run the MyAlerts script that changes all users alerts to default on, but initially there was some problem with the script not finding the correct files (init.php errors and such).

I have no idea what they did, but now when clicking plugins from ACP, we get this error "forum/inc/languages//config_sceditor.lang.php does not exist"

The file is actually at forum/inc/languages/english/admin/config_sceditor.lang.php

I'm trying to work it out with them now, but the tech I had been working with is no longer on duty.

If I delete sceditor.php (which wasn't activated) the plugins will then show, but only half of the controls and missing words from plugin title and description....

-Everything else in admin APPEARS to be working perfectly.
-Configuration works perfectly as well.
-Frontend is working perfectly.
-The top 1/3rd of plugins are activating and deactivating properly

Any ideas? Working with these techs... They seem to not have much of a clue so looking here to see if anyone can offer some suggestion as to what this tech possibly changed earlier.

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Moved to Plugin Support.
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This is still not ironed out. If anyone's taken the time to read the lengthy OP, a bit of help appreciated.

And I'm not sure it's a plugin error at all. Its seems to be MyBB core looking for something where it doesn't exist. Host support says it's a plugin debugging issue which is impossible since I haven't added or changed plugins.

EDIT: Solved. This was due to a rogue init.php left in plugin directory by hosting tech.

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