Paid Per Post/Thread [Plugin needed]
Hey all,

I have been doing some research for some time now, I need a little point in the right direction.

I want to pay users for every post/thread they create.
- Also I want users to then be able to cash out
use their credit unlock other users content who will then be paid

Users can also buy credits if they do not want to post to earn credits to unlock.

Is there anything out there that would allow me to do this on my forum ?


Would I have to have it custom developed ?
Have been using this system for awhile. In manual combination with OUGC awards. Would be cool if the two could be hooked - example if someone hits 1000 pts they are awarded a particular award. But not too difficult to do manually. When I see someone hit a certain threshold, I go into backend and give them the award.

The plugin should do some of what you need, but not sure about all of it. You may need to do some of it manually.

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