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Not Solved [Upgrading] Missing php file after upgrade.
Not Solved
Upgraded with latest maintenance release

Selecting "View Today's Posts" or "View New Posts" returns with following error;
/home/content/n/e/i/neildarch/html/inc/languages/english/search.lang.php does not exist

Went into FTP client and uploaded file.
File shows upload complete but does list in the table.

Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Your forum URL?
Not Solved
Make sure you uploaded to right path

If yes then try to delete cookies/cache & then see if it works?
Not Solved
This was happening to me as well. For some reason having the line
$l['find_all'] = "Find all";
in the file was causing the server to automatically delete it? I have no clue. I'm not really a professional PHP developer, I just did some troubleshooting and found this to be the culprit. When that line was in the file, it would never appear in the list. Once I edited it to
$l['find_all'] = "Find Everything";
It uploaded fine. I have no idea what issues if any this might cause, but I doubt it will cause more issues than I was having with no file at all.

Since I couldn't find any information about this anywhere, I thought I'd post my findings here. I use Godaddy for hosting in case that's relevant. I'd love to hear why this causes issues.

What was happening:
When I uploaded the file, it mysteriously vanished.
I tried just creating a blank file with the same name and it worked. The file showed up finally.
I tried uploading the original again and overwriting the blank file and the file mysteriously vanished again.
I went through deleting blocks of code from the file until the upload mysteriously worked and the file was listed.
I then deleted narrower and narrower blocks of code until I found the single line that was causing the issue for me.

Hopefully that helps anyone having this issue.

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