Auto Fight and others
I've seen a lot of really neat IPB plugins that I am lusting for, but unwilling to leave myBB to use. I've been searching through the plugins and forums but can't seem to find either of these - and both would be really, <I>really</I> helpful considering the wide array of RPGs that myBB hosts.

1.) Automated fighting. I've never experienced this personally, but have seen IPB sites use it. It seems to be an option that, after you reply to/are replied to on a forum, you have an option to "start a fight" with any of the names on the list ( of course, the more people in the thread, the more names show up ). After you do that, it sends a notice to the person and you can either run or accept the fight. If you accept the fight you go back and forth attacking one another until a winner is, seemingly randomly, chosen.

2.) Random events. This was on a really awesome site that died or I would show you an example. As people were posting in threads, a random event would pop up ( not with a random event account; they were just little announcements that would appear between two replies. ). I assume the admin had a list that they could edit that the program would cycle through and sometimes post in threads.

3.) A table holder. A lot of roleplaying sites have members who use tables to write their posts in. IPB has a really nice table template holder thing. You can save an amount of table codes in your User CP area and, every time you make a post, you have a dropdown menu with the names of your tables. When you click a name, the HTML pops up in your post so that you don't have to copy/paste your table code all the time. It's INCREDIBLY handy.

If anyone knows of any plugins like this - or would be willing to create it - please contact me. I might be able to offer a small monetary payment. :I

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