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Not Solved 4-Byte UTF-8 Support affecting merge?
Not Solved
So recently I tried to merge 2 MyBB databases. I followed standard procedures such as ensuring plugins are uninstalled, upgraded the forum to 1.6.12 before merging, etc. I always ran into a database error when merging (generic). The forum I'm merging TO is 4-Byte UTF-8 Support for all of its tables, and I know that the merge system was made before that was added (that was added in 1.6.12 if I remember). Is there a way to downgrade my forum to plain UTF-8 to see if that will solve the issue? It makes sense to me that it'd be the issue.
Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
What does a generic database error look like, exactly? Doesn't it have an error code, some number or message, anything? Screenshot?
Not Solved
I think it was an error somewhere else. I merged my existing database to a clean install of MyBB, and it worked. Now I'm going to try to do it to my final one, I'll keep this updated.

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