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Unusual page activity.

I have been seeing a lot of activity like this in "Who's online" all listed as "Unknown Location"


Any Idea what this is about? Always seem to be different when I notice them and more frequent now. I never seen so many "Unknown Location" page requests.

- Rich -


This is related to the "page manager plugin" and the "main_index" part is a page manager page, like this:

What I am trying to understand is what the "/RK=0/RS=ba67JAWxEeG8yeOS16eTzQ4Z4F0" (for example) is. Putting it all together "" will show a blank page that has a "1" as the source code for that page.

I just have the feeling somethings up. Let me know if you have any ideas.

- Rich -


A Google search of "/RK=0/RS=" shows I am not the only one getting hit with the above. So far it looks like no one knows what this is.

- Rich -
Few results after googling 'RK=0': (fix) (discussion about what the bots are up to)

Ya, I came across those. Lots of rumor but no facts yet. Wink

- Rich -

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