How to transfer your forum to another host (Tutorial)
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Great useful, tutorial; I'm going to experiment with this before my forum goes public.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks again
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there is mod made by Dennistt for only the new encomer
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what mod r u talking about ?
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pepotiger Wrote:Hi All,

After alot of trying to get the right way to transfare the forum between defrent servers using PhpMyAdmin to import the DB, or BigDump, every time I get kind of errors, in PhpMyAdmin only in my localhost, it's telling me, that "Worning, failed to modify header information. in the remote host, alot of errors,

So at least that the best solution I get, with nice script.

1-Disable all of your plugins.
2-Turn your board off untill we get the backup.
3-In the ACP>Backup Database,
A-Select all table but unmark mybb_settings only, becaus whene you restor the DB that table well direct your toplinks to the old links.
B-File Type = Plain Text
C-Save Backup = Download
D-Backup Contents = Structure and Data
E-Analyse and Optimise Selected Tables = Yes
F-Press Perform Buckup, and save it on your PC.
4-download all your forum files via FTP to your pc, and upload it to your new host. add to it, the original install directory.
5-go to
and follow the stebs, but keep in mine, make the prefix tabel the same of your forum on the old host.
6-after finish the new installtion, go to PhpMyAdmin in your new host.
7-remove all the tables, but only leave mybb_settings table.
8-Download this great script from here
9- extract it,inside it folder called backup insert in it your db backup (the db from your old host0 and upload it to your new server,
10-If your datebase server name not "localhost" then you have to edit the dumper.php file and find

define('DBHOST', 'localhost:3306');

replace "localhost" with your DB server name.
11-go to
12-In the 1st Field the DB user name, 2nd Field the DB password. look at the following pic for more explain.

[Image: TDBE4.jpg]

13- Set the page you are in now the same in the follow pic.

[Image: TDBE5.gif]
Now you done, all you have to do now to go to your ACP in the new server and set your General Configuration, and re active your plugins (recomanded to reupload fresh files of your plugins)

I hope It's work without any problem Smile


While restorimg im getting This...

What is the problem ???
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give the dumper/backup folder CHMOD 777 if you don't have the folder called backup just creat it and give it CHMOD 777

and BTW, I was wrong whene I saied you have to install a new version, you don't have to do that, just upload your old files, and change the config file with the new data and reset your setting thats all.
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The database was dumped Successfully BUt Now I am Getting This...
MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'b.olddisplaygroup' in 'field list'
Query: SELECT u.*, f.*, b.dateline AS bandate, b.lifted AS banlifted, b.oldgroup AS banoldgroup, b.olddisplaygroup as banolddisplaygroup, b.oldadditionalgroups as banoldadditionalgroups FROM mybbosho_users u LEFT JOIN mybbosho_userfields f ON (f.ufid=u.uid) LEFT JOIN mybbosho_banned b ON (b.uid=u.uid) WHERE u.uid='1'


This is what i did :

1. Since i wanted the ver 1.2.3 I installed a new copy of MYBB using a new database
[say 'DB' ] and using the same table prefix.
2. I took the backup of the old database [ say 'old-DB' ] ; excluding mybb_settings
3. I deleted all the tables in the 'DB' excluding mybb_settings.
4. Dumped the database..successfully nad the tables are showing up in PhpMyAdmin
5. But now this error......
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r u sure you changed the cofing.php file correct?
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Well...correct me if i am wrong...
Why should i change the config.php ?..
I Installed a fresh copy of 1.2.3  using a new database [ lets name it 'DB'.]
Then i deleted all the tables of this database [DB] except the mybb_settings.
and then dumped the old database in to this new DB databse...for which the forum is configured by default during the fresh installation...

Am i making  a mistake somewhere ???

For Clarity..

I gave the username and password for the New [ 'DB' ] databse when asked by the Dumper.

Do i need to dump in a separate Database ?
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Just now i just experimented and used different database...
The forum is not showing up ...But admin cp is working.
I am able to see all my forums Through 'Manage forums'

Since mybb_settings is not backed up i am getting the ACP

MySQL error: 1146
Table 'freewebw_xxx.mybbosho_settings' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT g.*, COUNT(s.sid) AS settingcount FROM mybbosho_settinggroups g LEFT JOIN mybbosho_settings s ON (s.gid=g.gid) WHERE g.disporder>0 GROUP BY s.gid ORDER BY g.disporder
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OK, Here little thing we can try, remove inc/settings.php .

then give the folder inc CHMOD 777 and tell me the result.
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