How to transfer your forum to another host (Tutorial)
Mano Wrote:The database was dumped Successfully BUt Now I am Getting This...
MySQL error: 1054
Unknown column 'b.olddisplaygroup' in 'field list'
Query: SELECT u.*, f.*, b.dateline AS bandate, b.lifted AS banlifted, b.oldgroup AS banoldgroup, b.olddisplaygroup as banolddisplaygroup, b.oldadditionalgroups as banoldadditionalgroups FROM mybbosho_users u LEFT JOIN mybbosho_userfields f ON (f.ufid=u.uid) LEFT JOIN mybbosho_banned b ON (b.uid=u.uid) WHERE u.uid='1'


This is what i did :

1. Since i wanted the ver 1.2.3 I installed a new copy of MYBB using a new database
[say 'DB' ] and using the same table prefix.
2. I took the backup of the old database [ say 'old-DB' ] ; excluding mybb_settings
3. I deleted all the tables in the 'DB' excluding mybb_settings.
4. Dumped the database..successfully nad the tables are showing up in PhpMyAdmin
5. But now this error......

You need to upgrade your board.
read here

Mano Wrote:Just now i just experimented and used different database...
The forum is not showing up ...But admin cp is working.
I am able to see all my forums Through 'Manage forums'

Since mybb_settings is not backed up i am getting the ACP

MySQL error: 1146
Table 'freewebw_xxx.mybbosho_settings' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT g.*, COUNT(s.sid) AS settingcount FROM mybbosho_settinggroups g LEFT JOIN mybbosho_settings s ON (s.gid=g.gid) WHERE g.disporder>0 GROUP BY s.gid ORDER BY g.disporder

pepotiger Wrote:OK, Here little thing we can try, remove inc/settings.php .

then give the folder inc CHMOD 777 and tell me the result.

This is not a fix for the mentioned problem. The table doesn't exists in the DB.
I recommend from you to start all again taking in cosideration that you need to run the upgrade file.
aha I didn't get that, I was thinking he already upgrade his forum..
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It worked Zaher....Forum is online Now...
Pepotiger thanks to u too....
One query ..Can same tool can be used to restore databases over 5 MB in size ?
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I tested this dumper script with vb db was 12 mb and it's transfared so fast!!
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Really Excellent Piece of Software....
Thank u Once again Pal...
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Does this also backup plugins? =P
what you talk about Toungue
it's just transfare the db backup Toungue
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Everything went ok.I restored my DB with myAdminPHP.I cannot login with dumper.However its working great now.
you are great.Thanks to all of you.But now i have too much settings to make mannualy.Never mind.
i got this probleme mate!!!
Quote:2007.03.27 11:43:10
Возникла ошибка!
fopen(backup/dumper.cfg.php) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied (2)
but simple question on step 7
how do i do that
i didnt find where to delete tables???
any picture plz
Ok.. Here is a little thing I was wrong with in this tutorial..
4get this steps to install new forum... just transfare the db with this script. and CHMOD the files. and reset your setting thats all. and for the problem you get. you just need to CHMOD the backup folder to 777...
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