How to transfer your forum to another host (Tutorial)
Pleas help!
I do as you say,and I go on my admin. con. panel, bat I do not log with my old admin password.
When I go on it ask me "Do you want to open or save this file?"
edit the file inc/settings.php
$settings['gzipoutput'] = "yes";
replace with
$settings['gzipoutput'] = "no";
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You are very smart men.
Now, I have problem with cirilic language.
Pleas help me.
would you please try to use the UTF-8 converter tool in your ACP ?
Official Arabic Translator.
I use the UTF-8 converter tool in your ACP, now I can write cirilic language, but I have problem with write cirilic language in past.
I don't exactly get what you mean.. but it's looks like you need to re-build your cache.
Official Arabic Translator.
Awesome tut pepotiger. But I keep getting this error:

[Image: sypexdumperliteam9.jpg]
Thank you very much for this usefull tutorial
I set up a mybb forum on my localhost and I want to transfer it to a new server to replace the online forum wich is still on phpbb )
I did all changes and testings on local sever
I know how to restore a database, upload files via FTP, chmod ...etc
-Where and how to change databse name, user and password ?( in phpbb, I used to find those settings in config.php )
- where to change Board URL and Homepage URL via phpMyadmin ( In phpbb, I used to find those settings in phpbb_config table )? can I access ACP if those parameters refer to old values ??
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It's the same here, config.php for the database access and settings (mybb_settings) table for the site access.

I always get this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/kdboard/public_html/inc/config.php on line 1

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