Not Solved Conversion of a phpbb theme to a MyBB theme?
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So I am just wondering, how hard is it, and if it's hard, how much would someone convert a theme for?

I'm not exactly a fan of MyBB themes, although I am of the software.

Also, are converted themes user friendly, and do they work well?
Thanks for anyone who can answer my questions, and I hope they aren't too frequently asked.

Once again, thank you,
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Porting a theme can definitely be done. Depending on the complexity of the original theme, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to get a decent port done, although it's generally faster if you only port the major prominent elements of the theme and skip over the minor details.

What theme are you trying to have ported?
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I don't prefer converting.
Just use the mybb themes there are many HQ & better then phpBB if you go to PREMIUM & will be willing to buy them.
http://myskins.og is very good.
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I could maybe do this. Mind sending me a link to the theme?

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