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allow html in post or plugins?
if you allow html in post then you upgrade to 1.6.13 the blank screen on new post/reply.


several times I tried to upgrade and keep on using my backup 1.6.11

tried to disable/uninstall plugins related to posts like rss feed poster and google seo but still upgrade failed

site is up and running but cant post thread/reply.

I was thinking there is a bug in html in post or in plugins.

(this is only I have change/addons on my board)
It's probably a plugin and not a bug in MyBB.
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(05-10-2014, 10:03 AM)StefanT Wrote: It's probably a plugin and not a bug in MyBB.

it is a bug.

because all plugins are uninstalled before performing upgrade.

and also html in post in a certain forum also uncheck in ACP before performing upgrade.

do I have to delete php files in inc/plugins folder? Huh

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