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[For 1.6] Clouds Theme

Clouds theme is a minimalistic theme, based on the colors of the cloud.


[Image: uFpxZpx.jpg]

[Image: AmYUK05.jpg]

[Image: JWXTtkP.jpg]

[Image: o9CapxM.jpg]


At the moment, I'm giving support here... until I have a site.


[Image: 88x31.png]
Clouds Theme by eNvy is distributed under a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.


You can download directly from MyBB!

Hope you like it! =)


In the case you want to donate to me for my work, it's your own choice, and only you can do that. I do not ask for money, but if you donate it helps me to reach several goals.

[Image: WbUtYUC.gif]
I don't give support on PM.
Add screenshots or demo link to mods site.
(2014-05-11, 08:40 AM)Kaeden Wrote: (I think the images could use a bit of resizing)

Please, can you check (or anybody from the Staff) this particular entry? I can't delete the preview images I upload, and also they don't show in the mods section.

I think it's bugged or something... When I uploaded the .zip file, 2 versions of the same theme were created in my CP, so I deleted one.
Also, the name in the url is something like "clouds-theme-2" (And that's because the problem I mention before).


Edit: Images re-sized.
I don't give support on PM.
Very cool theme! I can't wait to use this XD
Nice theme! The dowload link does not work?
Link approved and added.
I don't give support on PM.
I was looking for something like this!! It looks great! Thank you for making it.

the logo seems to move if I check on firefox

[Image: otAYJh1.png]

though on chrome looks great. I really would love to use this theme.

Thank you!
I hate firefox haha, let me check that.


Seems like firefox hates me... Give me more time to solve this -.-".


Now it's fixed :@, I really hate firefox hahaha.

You need to wait for the approval of MyBB team to see the download link.

- Fixed the menu.
- Fixed the dropdown menu.
- Fixed the logo and quicksearch position.
- Fixed the breadcrumbs.
- Added the correct padding to the latest activity.

Now works in the latest Chrome/Firefox version (And hopefully in Opera too).

Greetings Big Grin.
I don't give support on PM.
Thank you so much!!!!

(I had another problem, but I was blind and didn't read your instructions file before. oops, the solution was there).

I never use firefox, but lots of people do soo... Smile
Download link doesen't work Sad

Invalid Download
The download you are attempting to view appears to be invalid.

could you please provide new one?

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