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I plan to include a similar feature, the code is alreday there, I will be adding the required rewrites later on GitHub.
What if you could allow comments on pages? I have seriously been re-thinking about my approach for a CMS solution in MyBB, I also need a Wiki for my forum, and forum threads would probably not suffice for the portal as a long-term solution either, but that is much work to keep track of separately. And you can already tell trying to code a CMS bigger that a simple page manager plugin is doomed to oblivion.

So my thoughts now are moving OUGC Pages as a module, add the minimum basic functionalities to it (basically what it has now) and add a plugin system to it, so people could add plugins to it and extend its functionality.

If people simply want a page manager then you install no extra features to it. If you want to be able to add comment in pages you install a comments plugin to it. If you want to keep record of updates to a page you install a versioning system to it. Keep track of contributors? Plugin. What a media manager to insert images/videos in pages? Plugin. Etc.

You could have one category for static pages with no comments, one category for contributor pages (wiki) and other for pages to be featured in the portal instead of threads. Plugins would work on a per-category basis, permissions would be one a per-category and per-group basis (so you could assign editors to your blog or moderators to your wiki).

I need suggestion on this if you are interested. I'm thinking more on a wiki system here but I can see something like this working as a blog too with the proper plugins.
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A basic article management system will be great. Also I am making a Bootstrap based design and would love to use the plugin on my site, so I will work on it make it compatible with Bootstrap on the frontend that is.
But I need to wait till May 25 for exams.
Good going mate.
I have actually made up my mind about this, will go lime planned since for what I commented in my last post you could probably be better off using xThreads.
This plug-in is getting fully functional and 1.8 ready now.

You can download and test, PHP pages still work as intended but it is not the primary focus. I tested importing all Page Manager pages as possible and only found issues with three (out of like, 30).
This plugin doesn't work for me on my 1.8 installation. Maybe it needs some fixing after all?
You need to be more specific. What part isn't working?
(2014-09-02, 05:47 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: You need to be more specific.  What part isn't working?

I couldn't remember exactly what was wrong so I tried again today. It works pretty well except for two minor issues:

1. 'compatibility' => '17*', should be updated to 'compatibility' => '18*',

2. It requires PluginLibrary which is not yet updated to 1.8 but seems to work fine when also modifying the compatibility line.

Update: Well, it actually doesn't work for me. I've changed index.php to forum.php and portal.php to index.php. I've also told the .htaccess file to change mysite.com/index.php to just mysite.com. I can't figure out how to use the supplied pages.php to access my sites. It either says "category has no site" or thinks I don't have the appropriate permissions. I've used page manager on another board running 1.6 and all I really want is the same functionality on 1.8, nothing more. It just needs to work somehow. :p
Apply the settings to use the script file isntead of the protal. Leave the SEO fields empty too (since you probably manage those with .htaccess in Page Manager.

Import your PM pages and ACP should give the URLs for each page (view text). It should work. Last time I tested it worked.

Do you use Google SEO by any chance? There seems to be some with this plugin if that is installed. I haven't looked into it TBH but will as soon as I get the chance (probably by the weekend).
BTW in the mods site this is marked as DEV since I uploaded it to test the mods site itself. This is not fully stable as you may be expecting it to be (hence the issue with Google SEO, if there is any).

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