OUGC Pages
Hi there, here is my new appropach to bring some use to the useless portal page and bring MyBB closer to what people expect of a CMS.

If you are interested on such matters you can check out my current existing plugins that are part of this goal.

Sure there may be other plugins, but here I highlight my own.

OUGC Pages
This plugin is meant to replace Page Manager by Querschlaeger, and I said it this way just because I lack the correct sentence. Personally Page Manager lacks some features I would like to have for my own community which I coded instead of forking Page Manager.

Differences to Page Manager
  • Requires PluginLibrary (WooHoo! ...)
  • Pages organizable by categories.
  • Hooks into the portal (a pages.php file and setting is included to bypass this but not sure if it will make it to the final stable release, using the portal was my point but I lost focus on the way) instead of the misc.php file, causing less queries.
  • Optimized code (proper use of the language system, etc..) more WooHoo!! I suppose.

Well, that is it, if you don't feel those features/improvements are enough or necessary for you to move then I suggest you to stick to Page Manager. Really, this is not supposed to make people move plugins, it just fits better on my personal needs for my personal sites and so I'm releasing it as I always try to do.

ASB Advance Side-Box
I didn't tested this at all, but in my local environment I have ASB installed and by what I saw it works without issues (supposing this plugin works out of the box first). However, the final stable release target is to be fully functional with the ASB plugin.

There is no support for this in-developing code in live environments, however any contribution to the project is highly appreciated. There is a chance free support is not going to be available from me once it reaches stable, but as always any feedback/report will be appreciated when the time comes.

http://i.imgur.com/AYBWgdC.jpg (Main Page)
http://i.imgur.com/JA0Nygy.jpg (Add new category)
http://i.imgur.com/OWuH5jA.jpg (Manage Pages)
http://i.imgur.com/5hu8Gil.jpg (Add new page)
http://i.imgur.com/UuvKHVt.jpg (Import page, file upload doesn't doesn't seem to be functional for me)

And for anyone eager to see this slowly fading away over time, there is a GitHub page you can check out when GH itself comes back to life.

Cheers, Omar!
Hey Omar,
The reason why the upload doesn't work is because the form does not allow uploads. Forms require enctype="multipart/form-data" to allow uploads. In MyBB this means that you construct the Form class slightly differently.
To fix this change ./admin/modules/config/ougc_pages.php#L308 from:
$form = new Form($ougc_pages->build_url('action=import'), 'post');
$form = new Form($ougc_pages->build_url('action=import'), 'post', '', 1);

See ./admin/inc/class_form.php#L38 for details.
Nice work Omar Smile

Can you import page manager pages with this or is the format different?
@JordanMussi, I didn't even know that, this is the first time I add an file upload method to one of my plugins Toungue Thanks Jordan.

@Wildcard, I have been thinking about it but currently it doesn't. I use PluginLibrary methods so probably it wouldn't ever.
An import tool would be especially nice to see IMO as most people who need pages adding already use PageManager. Offering a simple upgrade path opens you up to better adoption.
Yes, I understand. Probably will add cross-import features at first releases and drop it over time. Maintaining multiple import methods doesn't seem suitable either.
Nice one. I just forked the repository and will look at adding an import ability tomorrow. I could do with an up-to-date pages mod.
An export/import feature already exists @Euantor Toungue It just needs to allow Page Manager files to be imported (and it only works for URL files as mentioned in the OP and hopefully fixed with @Jordan code).

Thanks for you contribution, will be waiting!
I have added the ability to import Page Manager pages, exporting to other formats is not possible though. Will be pushing the update later this weekend.
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Omar, nice work it seems. I would like one more thing is to have search friendly URLs like Google SEO plugin. That would be very cool allowing someone to set URL structure like domain.com/example-page. Smile

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