Looking for a new thread notification plugin
Hi all, i'd like a plugin that would notify my mods of any new threads. Does anyone know if such a thing exists.
I'm not seeing when browsing the mods site, however, a core feature is subscribing to a forum. If your moderators do that, they can be instantly emailed when a new thread is created in forums they are subscribed to.
Hi, thanks for the response, I'll be honest i didn't realise you could subscribe to the forum, assumed it would just be threads.

I'll try it out.

many thanks

Ok, maybe i'm looking at the wrong thing, i set my users up to have instant email notification in default thread subscription mode. However they aren't getting any notice of new threads.

Hi, maybe i'm looking at the wrong thing but i set my mods up to have their default subscription mode set to 'instant email notification' but they don't get a notification when a new thread is started. Am I looking in the right area?

Because there are very few posts I want my mods to be notified that a post has been made as they are responsible for responding.


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