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IMPORTANT --- Security Flaw in TapaTalk
If you're site is using TapaTalk, update now! There was a security flaw found in TapaTalk and they decided ]NOT to inform anyone or advise anyone to update their files.

I did not find out until today, when I just happen to scroll over and found a post about it.

They even publicly admit to patching it silently, but NOT issuing a release or any notice telling people they should replace their files (because they did not even bother changing the version number either). Exclamation

So I can only imagine how many sites are using the other copy without knowing they have a problem. This is completely irresponsible. Angry

TapaTalk Wrote:Hi,

This issue has been addressed in April 26th, 9 days before this site published the issue. However, since this is a low risk item - we have simply replaced all the plugins that are affected. If this is concerning you and If you have updated the plugin after April 26th, you are not affected.

attached screenshot to confirm

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Yet another addition to their stellar track record.
(2014-05-23, 06:11 PM)Euan T Wrote: Yet another addition to their stellar track record.

So very true. I would love to remove them, but the younger generation seems to be so app dependent. You can try to tell them both Android and iPhone offer a browser included, but they sort of glare their eyes over and fall back on whatever app they think is cool.

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