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Not Solved Replace Delete button with Move to
Not Solved
Hi guys,
So I want to replace the Delete button with a "Move to" button.

So when people will press Delete the post will be moved to a private Thread/section
Back in the days.
Not Solved
That is not possible sorry, MyBB doesn't have that feature.
Not Solved
I know I had seen a trash can forum plugin before where if a post gets deleted, it goes to the forum you specify.
Not Solved
Yes that used to exist back in 1.4 days - not sure if the plugin is still maintained for 1.6.

MyBB 1.8 brings Soft Delete Smile (not exactly what you want but it's better than nothing!)
Not Solved
I had got it to work for 1.6, but I had to do some edits. I don't have the file anymore either.
Not Solved
I know that HF uses a Junk plugin.. Where can I find/buy a similar one?
And Pirata, I want that deleted posts count to all posts.
Back in the days.

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