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Not Solved 500 internal server error on install
Not Solved
I did a www. my domain/forum/install
and a http://mydomain/forum/install/index.php
and combination of above but get same 500 internal server error.
What could be the problem?

I tried unzipping the package again to make sure there were no corrupt files but same error.

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

I emailed the host to see if he can check the server error log

Ok I went nuts going over permissions... finally deleted the forum directory and uploaded the zip and started over..same result.
As a last ditch effort I dl another copy from mybb and it works like a charm.
First file must have been corrupted during dl
Not Solved
So is this solved? Also PLEASE only download the files from Some people decide to do malcious things such as adding shells to the server. So remember ONLY DOWNLOAD FROM THE OFFICAL MYBB.
Hey Everyone I am back! I will slowly be in progression of helping you all with your questions!

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