Better Banning
I was wondering, if anyone could create me a plugin that further enhances banning.
Specifically, how I want it to function is like this:
Provide me (the admin) the ability to permanently ban (or deny) anyone who accesses the site using a hostname block. If it's possible, I want the plugin to lookup the users hostname to see if it contains a banned string that I can put in (I want it customizable so I can edit/add/delete strings whenever I want). Also, if possible, can it ban by a whois record?
So for example, I can ban any and all known webhosting/dedicated server hosting networks by their whois name.
So, if I wanted to put this as a string:
It would deny anyone who visits the site, with "vpn" in their hostname.

I'm doing this to prevent users from using proxies and VPN's on my website.
I already know there are plugins that block this kind of stuff, but THEY DO NOT SUIT MY NEEDS!!!!!
Also, upon visiting the website, have it permanently store the users IP in the database, as a sort of "safe" for good IPs. So every page wouldn't take forever to load. Simply having the plugin check the database first, to see if the IP exists (also storing the hostname in the database, for future banning of hostnames), then do a hostname lookup, etc.

Also, can you make it Cloudflare-friendly please? Smile
And can you make the deny message customizable? Like allow a custom message or the default MyBB ban message. I DO NOT want it to say, "You're on a proxy, get off it". Because then people would try to circumvent that with another proxy, or whatever.

Can anyone do this for me? I would LOVE you forever if you do!! Heart Big Grin

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