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Webbers Corner MyBB Theme for download

I have just released my mybb theme for download.

the preview of the theme is my forum -
to download or for any bug/support issues please visist and post here -

hope you like it.

It's requist register!!!?
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yes. i am trying to boost my community and i thinks its fair for you to register to download my theme, considering it isn't just a theme which has changed colour from the default.

it took me a long time to code everything from scratch myself and perfect the theme so it works in all browsers at all sizes. i put it online for download because a lot of people said it was very good and said they would like it.
Looks Good!
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Amazing theme i really like it
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thanks jag100
just to say i have just improved the coding and also released a version without the sidebar which was request by a few on my forum.

i will be releasing four more versions over the next week, a red and a black version, both with and without the sidebars.
nice theme...i like it
You have two login and register links, that my only prob with it.
Other than that, damn fine theme my friend! Smile
Pretty sure this is 1.2. It's great, though.

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