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Not Solved Having trouble upgrading from 1.6.9 to 1.6.13.
Not Solved
I have been trying to upgrade my forum to no avail. I have tried several times, but it still remains 1.6.9.

I also tried upgrading and installing certain plugins but they also don't show up on my forum either.

I am at a loss at what to do. I am using FileZilla btw.

Edit: I followed the upgrading procedures recommended by Justin S. in his sticky and was still unsuccessful. Additionally, I cannot make any changes whatsoever to my board.
Not Solved
Got access to ftp client? Download all the files from the mybb download (1.6.13) and uploaded all the files to the server. After that, make sure you goto

Run that script, then make sure after its done to either delete or add the lock (no extension) file to the install folder.
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also make sure you are selecting the right version which you are using currently in the appropriate field during the upgrade
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Thanks for the help, however I did all that and it's still not working for me. :/

I have copied all the updates correctly onto FileZilla, but on the step where I go to, nothing shows up.

Even trying to update some plugins and they still don't give me an option to upgrade and shows the old versions.

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