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Soft Delete improvements
Another PM:
mmadhankumar Wrote:1. delete button change to restore button
2. drop down for restore button (same way as edit) with restore and delete permanent options
3. soft deleted posts list in ACP and modcp with restore options from there.
4. mods by default should have soft delete permissions. full delete should be activated only from a ACP settings.

# I am not sure whether this is feasible. maybe a suggestion for 2.0 Toungue
the soft deleted posts must be removed from thread display and moved to a trash forum, whose forum id can be set in acp. posts can be restored from there if needed. Just like a recycle bin on our computers. WP work on such setup where deleted blogs are moved to "trash" and not visible in front end and can be restored later. is for sale - check this thread for more information.
I think it's good if we use Soft delete for announcements and reputation
AliReza Tofighi
MyBB Persian Support
IMO soft delete should be implemented in all places that 'full' delete is.
^As you can imagine, that's out of question at this point. is for sale - check this thread for more information.
IIRC necessary hooks were added to make that possible via plugins.

Edit: Nevermind I was thinking about the report center.

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