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Not Solved [How To?] Prune Guest Posts By IP or Similar
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I have my forums open to guests, don't ask why.

My question: How do I prune all of one specific guest posts without having to manually? It seems kind of stupid to allow an option for guests to post in the software, but no method to prune all of one guests posts.
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There are several ways to achieve this

- Ban the user and there is an option there to delete all threads/posts for the user
- Search for all posts by the user, the search screen allows you to check a box next to all the posts you want to delete and hit the delete button down the bottom.

I don't allow guest posts on my forum so not sure exactly how it all functions, however you could also find their post, click on their name which should take you to a profile like page and there should be an option for "Find all threads" and "find all posts" select whichever is relevant, check the boxes next to the ones you want to delete and hit delete.

They are the main ways I can see to do it
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You could do this in PHPMyAdmin.

DELETE FROM mybb_posts WHERE username='x';
DELETE FROM mybb_threads WHERE username='x';
Replace x with the person's username.

After doing this you will want to rebuild the forum counters, thread counters, and board stats.

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