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Not Solved [Installing] Warning [2] require_once Error
Not Solved
Trying to install the bulletin board and getting the following error. I'm not too technical! Can anyone help?

Warning [2] require_once(/home/goytvall/public_html/pages/forum/install/resources/output.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Line: 73 - File: install/index.php PHP 5.3.27 (Linux)

File Line Function
/install/index.php 73 errorHandler->error
/install/index.php 73 require_once

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Not Solved
As the error says it looks like a required file is missing.
Make sure everything was uploaded correctly.

I would re-download the entire mybb from here, then unzip and re-upload the entire thing, overwriting everything.

Then double check that
actually exists
Not Solved
I'll try that. Thanks

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