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[For 1.6] Miserable Users
My thoughts exactly... I have just seen this and I hope it does!
MyBB Extras = Nope.
(2015-02-10, 04:19 AM)messiah2015 Wrote: this works for 1.8?
Yes. It's just one file that you need to edit. Change compatibility to 1.8 or just throw in an asterisk.
hi , are you sure is working with the last version of mybb i have change compatibility to 18* and install and i have activate but after i dont see anything in the forum any colun any section of miserable user .. is not appear even in the configuration section or setting etc .. or in user group etc ..

*note i have found is the first plugins is add in the Setting section a side of the other option on a fresh install !
In the meantime, these miserable things are trying to create a new account via vpn. I can enter the id of the ex-users who have already been banned several times. Is there any way to know they are the same people when they try to register via vpn?
Thx in advance for an answer!
You can't.
An user, and more particularly a new user, is defined with his IP (so you can't recognize him when using VPN), an email (easy to create a jetable one) and his username (random is so easy).
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