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Not Solved innoDB merge slow? How can I make this faster?
Not Solved
So, instead of waiting forever for the MyISAM posts table (as it's huge and wampserver seems to freeze when trying to switch over) I thought about importing them into an InnoDB MyBB that's already set up and already set as InnoDB. But, it's horribly slow.

Merging to an MyISAM table I can get through the posts within 2 hours (for 1 million). But, the timing for doing a InnoDB is sitting at 30 hours. :/

Anyone know how to make this faster?
Not Solved
last time I convert around 1,8 millions post from MyIsam into innoDB only took less than an hour on dedicated server, and takes longer many times if using local server under windows Smile
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I think we've found your issue.
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I ended up just doing MYISAM takes less than an hour to do that and I can convert to innodb after it.

I use wampserver because it's what documentations constantly recommend for Windows 8 users for offline conversions.

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