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Gaming Website
I have a gaming website and forum which I recently converted to Mybb Smile

Please feel free to sign up to the forum Smile

It's a cool site. I see that you are very dedicated on the news. Smile
[Image: fiveofeight.png]
Join me on TF2 at or click here:
Windows 7 Mag
Thanks Smile

I have now got rid of Joomla and use the MyBB portal as the homepage Smile
Nice website, I'll join.
[Image: jordang1hy2.jpg]
The Fun Bucket | The iPhone Zone Both sites running Wordpress and MyBB.
It's now moved to

Homepage has had a makeover aswell Toungue

Nice gaming website. Good job on the theme. Smile
Jaysun Wrote:Nice gaming website. Good job on the theme. Smile

Thanks Smile

Although I got to say I didn't make it just customized it Big Grin

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