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Is having no super admins good or bad
If instead of having a single admin, what if i made several admins and had no particular super admin?

Theonly thing that concerns me is the one with access to admin permissions could be used to gain full access if someone were to hack that admin account...

Speaking of which, they should create a plugin/incorporate in MyBB 2.0 a restriction on who and what groups you can set admin permissions for -- unless your the super admin, there is no reason why you should be able to edit your own administrative permissions/your group's permission.

That brings me to another concern: users who have access to the group promotions part of the admin cp can in a way, exploit it by using it to automatically promote themselves to a rank with more permissions, of course, if you only have one administrative group, this is not a problem, but if you have multiple, it is a huge problem...
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You should only be creating admin accounts for those you really trust and contribute nicely to your forum. You should encourage your admins to use strong passwords and check for viruses every so often.

You can create an admin user group which does not have 'Can manage admin permissions' ticked so an admin wouldn't be able to simply escalate their permissions.
I agree with what Alexa A say. You should only make those you trust administrator. Else, give them a moderator position as reward will do. To be honest, for a small to medium forums, one admin will do.
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also - you can limit the admin folder by extra password (password protect directory) from your web host control panel
I have 3 Admin accounts

1 - Mine: super Admin

2 - An admin that helps run a specific section of the site, he only has access to that portion of the site (sports tipping comp). He does not have access to anything else, not users, forums etc, no control there

3 - A Disaster Recovery Admin, this is an admin I have incase I die, I know it sounds morbid, but I was part of a site a long time ago, the site owner passed away in an accident and we lost control of the website, it was difficult to get in touch with the owners family (his wife passed in the same accident), it was an absolute nightmare, in the end the domain expired and the site died off, one of the other mods branched off the site to his own domain and took it over.
The details of that admin account is stored with my will at my solicitor.

In the case that I pass away I have a set of instructions in place to pass the details onto a few specific people so that they can, as a group decide on will take control of the site moving forward. My family will have no interest in running it, but the site is big enough now and has been around long enough that it will continue without me.

Other than that unless I knew I was going to pass or have need for someone to run specific parts I wouldn't have any other admins, I prefer to maintain control, it is too easy for everyone to mess it up.

Rather I have a leadership group, I let them know settings and they have admin access to a testing site, so as a group they vote on what changes need to be made, then I make them based on those decisions.

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