Login with Wargaming.net ID using their OpenID and other APIs
Hi, I just created a forum for a World of Tanks clan a buddy of mine just started. World of Tanks is one of 2 games created by Wargaming.net. The second game is World of Warplanes. Both games share user account information using OpenID. They have released API's as well for accessing other information such as Stats, achievements, etc. They have a 3rd game, World of Warships currently in Alpha that is expected to be released later this year or early 2015.

There are currently no mods out there for any of the free forum software titles (phpbb3, SMF, etc). There are tons of clan forum sites for World of Tanks between the NA(North America), EU (Europe), RU (Russia), SEA (Southeast Asia), and KR (Korea) servers. I think if someone created a mod that allowed players to login using their Wargaming.net ID, it would be very popular.

Right now, we are asking our players to use their same Wargaming.net username when registering an account for the forum. It would be so much better to have them login using their Wargaming.net ID. Then we'd instantly have access to their stats to make it easier to decide if we want to accept them into our clan when they apply on the forum.

I have very limited php development understanding, so a lot of the API documentation was completely greek to me. It looks like the API's are very well documented and a good programmer could probably make a very nice Mod for Wargaming.net logins, and even a Mod for displaying stats and achievements on the user's profile and postbit.

I was hoping there would be a World of Tanks or World of Warplanes fan on here that might be interested in trying to at least create a way to log in to a MYbb forum using the Wargaming ID login. If not, how much do plugin developers on this site usually charge for this sort of plugin?

Below is a link to the API information, and links to each region's servers for authenticating users. It seems to be very well documented, and they have some tests you can run there on the site to see how the API's work. I just have no clue how to make it work with MyBB.


Here is the part where it talks about Authenticating via Wargaming's OpenID:

North America Servers:

Each region's servers have sections on the OpenID, so this could be a mod that would work globally, there are several million players that play World of Tanks worldwide and thousands of clans that use forums like SMF, phpBB, and MyBB. I think if MyBB was the first to have an Wargaming.net authentication mod available for one of the main free forum apps, it would be a big boost for MyBB and I could see other clans switching from SMF, phpBB, etc.

Offering $40 for anyone who makes this work.
The problem is that their APIs are not that clear. They claim to have a OpenID server set up, but I tried logging in using LightOpenID and it doesn't seem to exist. The fact that you need a token is quite weird: OpenID should work without the need of special tokens.

So far, I haven't found a working auth system that works with their APIs.
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