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1.8 Add new command (button) (with or without description) in sceditor using ACP
(2014-07-26, 07:40 PM)Omar G. Wrote: On which line exactly you need the hook in?

thanks for the attention, but no longer need to.
i tried put hook manually but i couldin´t make this hook work.
I need return two value to codebuttons template, but i couldin´t make this, because in functions.php already has eval("\$codeinsert = \"".$templates->get("codebuttons")."\";"); .

sorry for inconvenience.
Why my MyBB no place to insert this code?
[Image: cntt2a2-button1.JPG]
(2014-09-09, 06:34 AM)tan_kiengiang Wrote: Why my MyBB no place to insert this code?

It's a plugin that someone is working on.  Not part of the actually core MyBB 1.8 release.
good idea

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