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Hey all,
Having a small problem which is most probs a small fix.

This is the problem:
[Image: ivay4tr.png]

Here is my template code:
<span><div class="smalltext"><a href='{$forum['flp_lastpost']['profile']}' title='Lastpost by {$forum['flp_lastpost']['username']}'><img src='{$forum['flp_lastpost']['avatar']}' {$forum['flp_lastpost']['dimensions']} class="index-avatar" alt='' /></a></span><a href="{$lastpost_link}" title="{$full_lastpost_subject}"><strong>{$lastpost_subject}</strong></a>
<br />{$lastpost_date} {$lastpost_time}<br />by <strong>{$lastpost_profilelink}</strong></span></div>

Here is my CSS edit:
.index-avatar {
   width: 30px; 
   height: 30px;
   margin-right: 8px; 
   margin-top: 5px; 
   border: 1px solid #C5C5C5; 
   border-radius: 2px;
   -moz-border-radius: 2px;
   -o-transition: opacity .1s ease-in-out;
   -moz-transition: opacity .1s ease-in-out;
   -webkit-transition: opacity .1 ease-in-out;

If I change:
width: 30px; 
   height: 30px;

width: 10px; 
   height: 10px;

It works perfectly without the thread titles going of the page.
All help is appreciated, thanks.

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I may not be answering your question but..... you have opened a span followed by a div and have closed a span somewhere in the middle without closing the div. And then in the end you again have a closing span followed by a div. (instead of div closing first)

am I missing something here.....
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Anyone got any solutions? Thanks. Smile

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I did the following change to the forumbit_depth2_forum template:

<td class="{$bgcolor}" valign="top" align="left" style="white-space: nowrap" width="30%">{$lastpost}</td> that solved the same problem I had of text going out of the td.

The same works for the forumdisplay_thread.
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You need to remove style="white-space: nowrap" from the code mentioned above.

Also, as mmadhankumar said, correct your HTML because it is invalid. A block <div> shouldn't be inside an inline <span> and you close tags in a wrong order..
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Now it's like this though.

[Image: bZj3VzS.png]

Anyway of making it like:
How did you find DiscussH...

Instead of:
How did you find



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