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[For 1.8] DVZ Shoutbox 2.3.3
Clean install without translation and works. I'm checking the code to view what's wrong.


$l['dvz_sb_activity'] = 'Visualizzando l'<a href="%s">Archivio Shoutbox</a>';

I found this symbol: ’
It's perfect to replace the classic aphostrophe that makes error!
How i enable Shout Button For Mobile Devices ?
(2015-01-10, 02:50 PM)iturdu Wrote: How i enable Shout Button For Mobile Devices ?

The button is located in the dvz_shoutbox_panel template (you would need to remove the style="display:none" attribute). However, its presence should make it available to submit messages using mobile touch keyboards as well. (DF3A 34D9 A627 42E5 BC6A 6750 1F2F B8AA 28FF E1BC) ▪
i try it but nothing was don .

The submit but appears i will try to shout a message then i click on submit the message was not shown .
hello there. I'm having some problems with the plugin.
I can see no shout in the box and also, when I submit something the page refreshes (and also adds a ? to the URL).
If you want to experience it by yourself, the link is REMOVED
Hello, I love your Shoutbox. I've used it on previous forums that I owned but at the moment I'm having two issues.

1. When I type a message and press "Enter", I have to refresh the page to see the messages, if this isn't AJAX shouldn't that be automatic? If so, how do I go about fixing it.

2. My other issue is, I never noticed before because my other forums were all dark themed. I din't know this shoutbox was transparent. It's kind of hard to see the messages on my forum or even the "E|X" buttons. How do I fix this as well? Not necessarily change the color but possibly make the transparency only 40-50%?


Forum URL:
How to add this shoutbox? I can't see shoutbox. Sad
Look in the readme file
Coming soon..
My shoutbox is empty, and no one can post anything there. Doesn't show any errors. Help.
can I show this shoutbox only in specific forum?
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system

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