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Not Solved New Forum Issues
Not Solved
Installed MyBB forum, but I cant seem to get any plugins to appear.
I have uploaded and activated, i can go in and configure them also, but I cannot get them to appear on site.
I installed page manager and tried through that also, but I cannot see how you get anything to appear.
Plugins so far, Donations, Youtube, If I use the url to to those plugins I can access the page.
But how do i get them to appear on site, ie portal or as a button?.
My site,

Also I have two boxes showing in my forum area that are blank, no idea what is meant to be done with those.

Not Solved
goto Templates >> your theme's templates >> Header Templates >> header and find the menu ul and add the links for the pages you wanted....

<li><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/donate.php">Donate</a></li>

and regarding those two sideboxes, i believe your theme have them inbuilt. you can edit them from the Index template...

if you cant figure both this solutions, please post the header and index templates here...
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Not Solved
Thanks for this information, that did the trick.
Issue now resolved.
Not Solved
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