[1.8] My Insert Command : Insert new command [insert button] easily in the editor
This is based in this: http://community.mybb.com/thread-155941.html

[Image: xV3KTrC.png]
[Image: fGuC2W7.png]
[Image: GUOi8FK.png]

Latest version: 0.1.1 Alpha

Download: https://github.com/martec/myinsertcommand/releases

If you want to improve it feel free to submit PR in github.

I get
Quote:PluginLibrary is missing.
when I try to install and activate.
you need PluginLibrary
Thanks. seems working fine.
(2014-07-26, 05:56 AM)OMID_HXC Wrote: Thanks. seems working fine.

thanks for the feedback
and +1

are you going to update plugin for 1.8 gold? or no need for update and we can use it ?
unfortunately still do not know if I will continue with this project.
I tried your MyBB 1.7.1 version. Version 1.8 also does not have the frame to insert your buttons. you check your behalf and insert your guide button on the MyBB 1.8 bared. thank
hello and thank you for this plugin, it works very well.

the only problem I have is the button is not right will be displayed in the quick response

Quick Advanced Editor Plus

would know how to do this appear, please?

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