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Chat+ | A forum powered by YOU!
(2014-08-28, 10:57 AM)you Wrote: Seems pretty cool. I'll join this. Smile

Awesome! I'm glad you've joined us.
New theme will be up very soon. Check it out guys!
New custom theme implement. Let us know what you think!
YAGDF = Yet Another General Discussion Forum. Hard to start and to run. Get a niche; it'll work great for you. Take it from a person that's run 5 GD forums.
The theme is neat though; wish you the best in your journeys!

Cheers mate.
[Image: sig.png]
I really like the forum, love the design, your forum use a help section, because the "MyCredits" is kind of confusing and a help section with FAQs would have helped me out.
Hey man, what's up?

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