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[Pushed] MySQL Error in ModCP
You didn't update the code, it's still visibility while it should be visible.

Open modcp.php and change it in lines: 2618 and 2769.

As for the 3rd issue - I think you're misunderstanding the difference between post IP and user IP. Only 2 IPs are stored for user - registration IP and last IP, so the earliest and the latest. Between times when they were saved, the post may have been made under other IP if the user used proxy or has dynamic IP. That's why it returns no results for user IP search. It's not a bug.
OMG, thank you so much Destroy666, I just look at lines: 2618, 2769 and compare with the same lines in the modcp.php!
I understood.
Thanks agains Big Grin
No problem.

Note: the package has been updated with corrected file. So just download 1.6.15 again and reupload modcp.php if you're having this problem.

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