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[F] special characters in smilies get escaped
i have one smilie which code is :'( . Everything seems to work fine except the clickable smilies in the newreply page. When you click on that smilie, the code :\'( is inserted instead. It seems that the ' is escaped so the backslash is inserted. The efect is that in the post, the smilie is no longer recogniced and the code appears instead of the image. Is it possible to fix this, please?
[Image: choli_av.php]
This should fix it.
Sorry, but it doesn't fix it. I didn't mean the smilies in the page misc.php?action=smilies&popup=true&editor=clickableEditor but the smilies in the table at the left of the edit box in newreply.php?tid=xxxx. So when you click one of these smilies, the code inserted is backslashed (and not the code displayed, like in the bug you pointed me)

Thanks again Wink

edit: see attached image:

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[Image: choli_av.php]
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.
Use the following file to fix:

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.php   functions.php (Size: 89.31 KB / Downloads: 354)
omg!... how many changes...

well, if i use that file I get this:
Quote:Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_banned_usernames() (previously declared in xxxxxx/inc/functions.php:3416) in xxxxxx/inc/functions_user.php on line 573
[Image: choli_av.php]
Upload your functions_user.php and I'll take a look.
Well, mine is MyBB 1.2.2's functions.php, the same as you get in the original package. Anyway, here you have. And thanks for the help Smile

Attached Files
.php   functions.php (Size: 86.42 KB / Downloads: 277)
[Image: choli_av.php]
I said functions_user.php.
oh, sorry very much. Here you have.

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.php   functions_user.php (Size: 15.35 KB / Downloads: 265)
[Image: choli_av.php]

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