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Solved: 6 Years ago Migration from PhpBB3 and SQL Error #1265
Solved: 6 Years ago
Hello and thanks for your time. I am triyng to complete the migration of my forum in PhpBB3 to MyBB with the Merge tool. MyBB and Merge with the last stable versions. I have no problems with the configuration of the database settings as you can see in the next print screen:

[Image: mtEQbf.jpg]

But call my attention that "database settings" is crossed with a line in all the modules.

When I run the users module, I have the following error:

[Image: 7DWP1X.jpg]

Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1265 - Data truncated for column 'usergroup' at row 1
INSERT INTO mybb_users (usergroup,additionalgroups,displaygroup,import_usergroup,import_additionalgroups,import_displaygroup,import_uid,username,password,salt,loginkey,email,regdate,lastactive,lastvisit,website,showsigs,signature,showavatars,timezone,avatardimensions,avatartype,avatar,lastpost,icq,aim,yahoo,msn,hideemail,allownotices,regip,lastip,longregip,longlastip,language,passwordconvert,passwordconverttype,postnum,invisible,birthday,birthdayprivacy,subscriptionmethod,receivepms,receivefrombuddy,pmnotice,pmnotify,showquickreply,ppp,tpp,daysprune,timeformat,dst,buddylist,ignorelist,style,away,awaydate,returndate,referrer,referrals,reputation,timeonline,showcodebuttons,totalpms,unreadpms,pmfolders,notepad,threadmode,showredirect,dateformat,dstcorrection,warningpoints,moderateposts,moderationtime,suspendposting,suspensiontime,suspendsignature,suspendsigtime,coppauser,classicpostbit,loginattempts,usernotes) VALUES

If I am understanding well, the values in the database of PhpBB3 are not the same of the values of the MyBB database. I'm assuming that some values exceeds the ones on the MyBB database. Is that right?

I try with the solution proposed in this thread:

Reversing the mods of PhpBB3 but the problem persist. Also try to change the values of MyBB database entries to varchar, but that gave me an error; is not allowed for this kind of variables.

I try with this other solution too:

But don't work either. I just have 30 users to move in the database. This is not a considerable amount of information for the server I guess.

It's maybe a problem with values on PhpBB3 database that exceeds the ones on the MyBB? Or some problem with special characters in the name of the users like "_" or the large of the nicknames?

Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance for your help.
Solved: 6 Years ago
Hmm, never heard of that error before. Do you have custom user groups or are you using the standard ones?
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Solved: 6 Years ago
(2014-08-05, 03:24 PM)King Louis Wrote: Hmm, never heard of that error before. Do you have custom user groups or are you using the standard ones?

Just the standard ones King. The MyBB forum are recently installed with only the spanish language pack, and the PhpBB forum almost the same, with two mods added: Tapatalk and Mention. Thanks for your time!

Edit: I found the solution!!! Was backuping the PhpBB3 database on my computer with Phpmyadmin, then install locally PhpBB3 forum on LAMP with a database (selecting 8-utf bin in the type of database), import the database forum backaped to the local forum. Made the same with MyBB, sharing both the database. After that I run the merge system and it works flawless!

I thinks the problem was due to incompatibility between codifications (8-utf bin and another). Hope this serve to someone with the same problem. Thanks!

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