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Not Solved Very old forum to MyBB
Not Solved
Hello everyone !
I have forum from 2003r.
Version: Przemo 2003 phpBB Theme xand created by spleen modified v0.4 by warna

On the first step I installed phpbb3 and tried conversion old base to new base in phpbb3 in instalation window. It was succesfull. But thread and forum topic are in this same place on front page. Check screen:

When i open site to forum i saw "Forum is closed." but when i was logged in its works. Maybe i doing something wrong. Anybody can show Me what i must to do to merge old forum to new?

Is it possible old base is too old to merge?

I must merge this forum so please Help Blush
Not Solved
Forum is closed is a setting in the admin CP that must have been automatically enabled. Admin Cp -> Configuration -> Settings -> Board Closed -> Board Closed: Off

You can also recount and rebuild counters: Admin CP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Recount/Rebuild -> Rebuild all
Not Solved
Really thanks for reply!

Tell me please this is a admin CP ?

I know it's not english language. But if it is i dont have there Configuration or Tools & Maintenance. I remember this option was in MyBB.

I dont know what i must to do now or what i doing wrong.
Not Solved
At what point in the merge are you? Have you downloaded the merge system? Have you run it merging from phpBB?
Not Solved
Thanks for fast reply.

Nope, so i must download merge and merging forum from phpBB3 ? Toungue I did not do this because the forum with version przemo after migration to phpbb looks bad.

So do not worry about it now looks like the forum and use the merge system?

I run Merge System and everything is ok except the migration Posts. Merge get 1947 posts and show information : "1,000 posts is now imported. Remaining 947 posts to import, and one of the parties.". But the progress bar stopped at the beginning of. Is it normal? In new base all posts looks like in old base so what is wrong?

Not Solved
It seems that there was an error, unfortunately I don't understand it nor what could have caused it...
Make sure you read through the documentation. There may be a way that you can restart that section of the merge...
Not Solved
There is somewhere a step by step guide to merge system?
How version is the best for this? I have installed 1.4

I finished the migration nonetheless. The ACP all topics and sections are preserved. At the forum, not all are displayed. Besides, what was once the subject of a chapter now.

Oryginal version:

New version:

I know where I manually change the subject belongs to what. I'll see if after processing will be visible all the posts and topics.
I did it manually and everything can be set, however, some departments have less topics, subjects have less posts, some topics are empty, some posts are doubled.
for example.

What can I do? Please help
Not Solved
Hmm, it appears that there is absolutely no documentation on the docs site... That's a surprise.

To make sure the thread/post counters are ok, recount and rebuild the counters: Admin CP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Recount/Rebuild -> Rebuild all
Not Solved
Thanks for help.
I have rebuilded all and this not help. The Forum is the missing posts and double posts i dont know what i must to do else. Maybe other version of mybb.

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