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[F] Does "View" permission work for anyone?
judel Wrote:I can't believe that only Dr Poodle called thy on his unnecessary extra posts. Yes, he was spamming his own thread, and his responses were sarcastic. You know how to use edit, but you didn't want to because you apparently thought everyone here was just being lazy and ignoring you? You made four back to back posts in 3 hours! Worse than that, you quoted each previous post! What a ridiculous thing to do! You keep that up, the next time you need help, no one might help you! You might want to think about that the next time you have a problem! Just FYI...
The issue has been address.. Posts have been merged.

For the record, use the "Edit" button next time. That was unnecessary and very uncalled for. We have lives and we will get to your thread when we have a chance.
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