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Not Solved phpbb2 merge - user id problem
Not Solved
Hello everyone!

I've just migrated my old forum based on phpBB2 to myBB using the Merge System. I didn't have any problems with that, however the result is not exactly what I expected.

The users has been copied from my old table phpbb_users to mybb_users correctly. However, they've got a new id, not the same as in the phpbb_users table.

Could you advice me how to change the marge script in order to keep previous users id from phpbb_users table?
Not Solved
not sure what happened with your phpBB2 conversion,
it might have been better if you first upgraded to phpBB3 and then converted to MyBB
Not Solved
Well, some users have been removed from my forum in the past (on their own request). They were removed from the phpbb_users table. Therefore, not every subsequen tid was present in this table. The order of users was like this (1,5,7,14, etc.).

The Merge System copied the users to mybb_users table and gave them subsequent id (1,2,3,4, etc.) So for example the user who had id=5, now has id=2.
Not Solved
That's how a merge works, we simply can't keep the old user I'd as it may happen that the user id, post id etc is already in use. Especially the first user id is always in use.
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