Preview image (external link) when you add a link
Hi, I'm testing on 1.8 this:

I would like that when I add a link (in xThreads or I don't know) in new thread template, I have automatic preview image and this image is shown in first-post and in forumdisplay_thread.

For example I paste link: in link area and I have link + preview image.

I have added only this plugin in new thread template, but obviously doesn't work..any idea? Sad

To link it to database and in xthreads field or other..

Edit: there is also this:
A plugin that emulates this (link preview) would be very useful. People are so hooked to Facebook that this is the new standard.
I do hope this feature is developed into a plugin, it would be very handy for media forums and keeps users engaged with new posts.

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