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Not Solved IPB to MyBB converter - about 99% complete - UTF8 issue exists that is all
Not Solved
So here's an almost perfect IPB3 to MyBB converter.. The only issue remains still is the UTF8 converter issue where you get HTML in the posts after conversion. Which i will probably continue to try to figure it out after i get some sleep.

-Added a default value of 1000 to Private Messages page 
(prevents having to erase the 0 and entering in another value)

-Fixed the Settings file
(Now searches the correct config database tables + works)

-Fixed Forum Permissions errors when trying to convert them

and since i was gonna post this once and then accidentally closed to tab and closed notepad i don't have the original changelog i had made so i just brought up what i remember doing. I may have done a few more things but its 4AM and im tired.

The only issue still remaining is the UTF8 HTML in posts after converting. I might continue trying to fix that after i get some sleep but that's the only issue left that i know of. I was NOT able to test the calendar converter though as im too lazy to go download IP Calendar and install it. The only reason i did this much to the converter is cause i wanted to fix it as much as possible for the conversion i needed to do.

But if i can fix this entirely then ill release the rest of it here as well. Wasn't sure where to post this thread.

IPB3 module:
Fixed a lot of problems, Just the UTF8 issue left that i know of.

Big side note: I was comparing the IPB3 beta module and the IPB2 converter module and the IPB3 Beta module was based off of the IPB2 Module but lots has changed since IPB2. So that may be why we're continuing to get these problems but i'll keep conducting my research on a solve for this.

And guys, There's nothing fishy about the merge system i have in the attatchments. It's a copy i got off the main mybb page tonight + the beta module link above with some code changes to make it work. If your too worried it's backdoored or something use Winmerge and go through it yourself. It's safe and clean.

Install the merge system as normal.

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Not Solved
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Does this also support IP.Downloads to MyBB attachments?
Not Solved
(2014-08-21, 09:53 PM)Nayson Wrote: Does this also support IP.Downloads to MyBB attachments?

I apologize for the late reply.
No, the module does not. I don't think any converter supports IP. downloads.

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