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Weird something... editing posts
When I go to edit MyBB posts/topics on 1.8 once I've edited them they go into the approval queue.

They shouldn't do that.
[Image: 200_s.gif]
Looking at your all recent topics, I'm sure you don't use the most recent MyBB package (beta 3 perhaps?). Download this to have the latest code: If you manage to reproduce anything you reported in this package, please post a thread in Bug Reports forum.
I'm running the beta 3 release, and I'm able to confirm this. It doesn't seem to be affecting this forum, but it occurs consistently with at least the quick edit on the latest beta.
It was fixed over 2 weeks ago: and I can't reproduce it now. As I said, please make sure you're using the latest github code before reporting issues.
Yeah I figured it had probably been fixed somewhere along the line since it wasn't affecting this forum. Glad to see that the bug is definitely patched now though.

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