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1.8 [Suggestion] UCP Private Message Control Improvement
This suggestion was hopping in my mind since 1.6 but never be able to manage time to make a suggestion thread.

If we go to UCP > Inbox (or Sent Item / Drafts / Trash Can) we see some action links at the top. Some of them are redundant and the menu item bar doesn't match with the other boxes as its not applied 'thead' style (not expected as well); hence appears as the PM Folder details pane is pushed down.

[Image: XXnCgHk.png]

If you see the above snap you can find:

A. The First three links: 1. Inbox, 2. Compose & 3. Manage Folders are available in side control bar as well as in action control bar; thus making the links redundant.

B. We are using different narrations (may be different language variables as well) for the same action control:
Compose = Compose Message
Edit Folders = Manage Folders

C. The logic behind making the tree structure is unclear to me. Sent Item, Drafts and Trash Can placed under Inbox while they are all independent folders, not the sub-folders of Inbox or something like sub-inbox.

D. The Action Control Bar contains two additional links : 1. Empty Folder & 2. Download Messages which are available only if you are in Inbox / Sent / Draft / Trash. Since they are all independent actions I don't find any problem making available to accessing those while the user is under "Compose" or "Tracking".

My suggestion is to redesign the area as something like this:

[Image: 39HZhs3.png]

I think your suggestion is quite logical. But I think tree structure is useless for example:
Your Profile - I'm already know that everything in this tab is related to my profile. So we can remove tree structure there.
By tree structure I meant the indented (L pattern dotted) icons.
"Your Profile" kind is required IMO; at least to make the collapse button get a place.
I mean to simply remove "L icons" everywhere, but I'm not insist because I'm not shure will it be better or not.
I have already reported this (I think last week? in bug and reports forum)... but the responce was bad Sad

EDIT: link: http://community.mybb.com/thread-157547.html
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
(2014-08-21, 02:18 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: I have already reported this (I think last week? in bug and reports forum)... but the responce was bad Sad

EDIT: link: http://community.mybb.com/thread-157547.html

Sorry, I missed yours. But I have a strong valid point here which you didn't raise: Availability of the action links all the time.

(2014-08-15, 02:33 PM)doylecc Wrote: And you're the one who decides, what looks bad now?
Yes, they should be there.

That is rude!!! What the hell ...

(2014-08-16, 06:10 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: I'm not sure who rejected this but I on one hand agree with you, on another I don't because I usually use those links. I guess we could get used to the fact that they would all be on the left side bar. Anyway just felt like a response should be given by the team.

We usually were using 1.6, why we are switching to 1.8? For betterment, right? You will be habituated in less than a day, I bet.

(2014-08-15, 03:00 PM)avril Wrote:
(2014-08-15, 02:57 PM)Adriano Wrote: It can be easily removed by a simple template edit.

Its not bug - its 'design'. If you dont like it, thats what templates are for, you can style it to your likes. (eg. remove these links)
(its more easy to have ability to remove extra things, than add them if they wouldnt be there by default btw).

No its not. If you are in some other place of UCP, the action link variables are simply not gets assigned. You can not place those 2 links at the left in templates and make it available all the time while in UCP.
Hmm... so no comments from team about this?
I would partialy agree with you. Not only you see it as out of place thing that breaks consistency, but its matter of taste not a bug. Really its work for template designers.

Also currently there are fiew serious problems waiting to solve that occupy team attention, and while your suggestion is interesting and understandable it just wont take attention at current moment especially while everyone are waiting for 1.8 on edge of his chairs. Im sure if you would wait a little and suggest it later when everything cool down it may catch interest.
I think your messenger structure would be a nice adjustment.
no....im not!

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