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Not Solved Need My Forum To Be Customized.
Not Solved
So I don't exactly know how to put this but, I'm just wondering how to customize my forum. By that I mean I want it to have a custom theme and stuff. We are currently using a free theme and I'd just like to know how to get the 'Official' and 'General, etc' bars to change its colour. Here is my forum:
Yes it has "Powered By MyBB" at the bottom left corner. Thank you.
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I can see only a black page...
Not Solved
(2014-08-21, 07:14 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: I can see only a black page...

Wow. I don't know why. I didn't do anything. I only tried to complete this tutorial: . Did I mess anything up? Please help! Huh Sad
Not Solved
Not getting any blank pages here. I'll assume that issue has been fixed.

There is a template system in the admin area you can play with. Unless you're familiar with it, you might need to hire someone else to just design you a custom theme depending on the level of work required.

There are also lots of free themes available so check those out on this forum.
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Navigating to the section "Templates & Styles" in the ACP, will allow you to toy with your current theme. You can follow this thread as a guideline;
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It's indeed fixed now.

To change the "'Official' and 'General, etc' bars", you can edit .thead class in global.css
ACP -> Templates & Styles -> Themes -> [your_theme]
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So I'd just like to go back to this and say that when I use other themes for my forum it appears blank, so I went ahead and used the default one and under the 'Tutorials' sector on my forum it says 'SSL Protocol Error'? Can anyone help? Sad What's wrong?
NOW it's fixed somehow wow. Smile I'll keep this open if my forum still appears blank after my new theme is installed.

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