Quick edit not working
For now quick edit doesn't work well, it's only work if you press it first time,
but then, if you save/cancel edit, you'll not be able to edit message second time (1.8.22 version),
page refresh is required to edit this message second time. In browser developer tools console,
it shows this jquery.js related error when you press on quick edit:
Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/

Tested on firefox and chrome.
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^ have you tested the issue on this forum ?
if not yet, can you check again for your above post
Using grep I found out that automedia.js mod file may affect somehow quick edit function... I'll try to disable it and post the result here.

Yes... unfortunately it's automedia plugin affecting somehow quick edit function... So I'll remove this mod.
Here is part of code in automedia.js which affects it
// Detect quick edit
$(document).on("click", "[id^=quick_edit_post_]", function() {
    var trigger = $("[id^=quickedit_]").length;
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Here is also useful quick edit widget, that I took from my SMF forum, maybe it may be useful for someone, I like it much more than default drop-down edit menu. To use it, you need to have template conditionals plugin installed.
First of all, edit postbit_edit template and delete everything from it except first link, it's full edit link, we won't use this post button for quick edit anymore
<a href="editpost.php?pid={$post['pid']}" id="edit_post_{$post['pid']}" title="{$lang->postbit_edit}" class="postbit_edit postbit_mirage"><span>{$lang->postbit_button_edit}</span></a>
Then edit postbit template and add the followind code after div with "{$post['message']}" —
Add this code right after "</div>":
	<if $post['button_edit'] then>
		<div style="float: right;margin-top: -27px;margin-right: 9px;">
			<a onclick="void(0)" class="popup_item quick_edit_button" id="quick_edit_post_{$post['pid']}" style="cursor: pointer;"><img src="images/night-fly/modify_inline.gif" title="{$lang->postbit_quick_edit}" /></a>
Just replace "images/night-fly/modify_inline.gif" with image link on your server, I've attached two images (.gif for white themes and .png for colored). Then save all changes and that's all. After this you'll have nice icon at bottom right of posts, which will be visible for moderators and for post authors. (You may need to change code or styles according to your theme).
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Thanks for the info just posted, but this isn't the correct thread or place to request support. I will leave your posts since they may be useful for some but closing the thread for further replies.

Please post a new thread in the 1.8 Support section next time.

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.

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