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Arkansas Exotic Bird Club
First off I want to say I have used mybb in several projects. The ease of modification makes it perfect for rapid site development, even if you do not intend for visitors to ever use the actual forums.

This particular site focuses on pet birds of all types. If you click the rectangular button at the top entitled "Articles" you will be led to a fully customized page view I wrote that simply pulls the information directly from the forums. The forums in question are actually hidden from general users.

We simply take user submitted info, and adjust it a bit, adding neccessary html, then move it to the forum that matches the fid of the subject. Everything else is purely dynamic.

Keep in mind that this site is 4 days old, so we are just getting started.

Anyway our website forums are located here:
Looks good, but you might want to use a different theme or at least change some minor things in your current theme. Also the url is a bit too long, you should of done /forum instead of /mybboard

/forum or /forums is easier to remember, however you'll have to start again. If you don't want to do this you can make a /forum directory and put an index file that redirects to to yoursite/mybboard
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Yeah hindsite is always 20/20 but mybboard is fine. Users have no need to type that in as it isn't the home page, and the forums link is on the home page the homepage just doesn't contain Powered By MyBB
Copyright © 2002-2007 MyBB Group even though the news there is scooped out of the database

These guys needed a working operational website in 24 hours, so I haven't had much time to play with the theme just yet. I'll have it adjusted in a few days, they are harping about links, encyclopedia, etc, etc etc, heheh. Anyway I was just showing a basic example of how fast you could develop custom queries

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